Google is working to create a cloud blockchain solutions

A number of sources reports that Google Inc. not only working on their own variation of the blockchain, but also develops a range of cloud solutions based on it. According to Bloomberg and its informants, so the search giant intends to strengthen its position in the market and increase competitive advantage.

In order to feel confident in a relatively new field and not to lack for professionals, Google is actively buying employed in the above-mentioned areas of the company and actively invests in blockchain startups, giving priority to those that have greater experience in developing technologies for distributed registry.

“We have specialists who study the applications of the blockchain. But to speak about any method of using or plans to use blockchain we are not yet ready”, — said the representatives of the Internet search giant.

CB Insights reports that the earlier division of Corporation invested in the bitcoin wallet Blockchain, the company Ripple, the platform bitcoin options LedgerX, payment provider Veem and a number of other startups.

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