Google is working on a web version of the service Talks video Google Duo

Google Duo

It seemed for a while that Google Allo was portable next Google in create an application to chat is intended for the general consumers, under the focus of Google Hangouts users in the company. Ago company Google in its plans, and launched the web version of Google but at the same time allowing users to chat with each other from computers of their own.

However, after turning off Google but at the same time, it seems that Google would shift its focus towards the application of video chats Google Duo. According to the report from the site 9to5Google now that the company Google is working on a web version of the Google Duo, which indicates that if you have a computer with webcam, you’ll be able to have conversations Google Duo estate on your computer.

It is unclear how many features of the Google Duo that will make their way to the web version, the features like Knock Knock, which allows users to watch video clips of the initiative to prevent the connection, and the ability to leave a video message. And somehow, like the arrival of the Google Duo to personal computers service FaceTime from Apple, although the Google Duo does not require a computer running MacOS or iOS device.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the launch date of the web version of the Google Duo, but we’ll monitor the situation closely and we’ll tell you immediately when that happens.


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