Google is working on a 4D camera and improved stabilization

New patent of Google, which was discovered by edition Android Headlines, indicates that the company is going to go with your best in the market of mobile cameras further away and focus on making it a 4D system with optical stabilization. The new patent describes a method of user interaction with the camera functions and the ability to independently adjust the stabilization parameters without the participation of the system that takes mobile photos and video to a whole new level.

The company describes its invention as a system of cameras that use the data of the light field, not only in order to stabilize the image while shooting photos or videos, in anticipation of the movement of the camera and novosodovaya neighboring the Central pixel that has been displaced, and also to the resulting image did not have to trim the edges and outside the frame the picture was just dorisovyvali system.

What does it all mean?

In total, the new system from the search giant could have a positive impact not only on the improvement of image stabilization, but is also able to create a “3D map” of each pixel that describes how to create 3D from 2D pixels-pixels that are used in the most ordinary photos to make the system better understood the depth of the scene and using the obtained volume could correct to distribute the colors and shading in the pictures and videos.

Also, thanks to the 3D depth map, the smartphone will be to understand which way now to shift the smartphone and, respectively, which side you want to paint the pixels, and based on what pixel they need to finish. All this technology will be useful not only to those who have I didn’t have a tripod for long shots, and hands are already shaking, but in order to accurately recreate the colors in the photo and to pick up the natural white balance.

In the photo above, by the way, the alleged appearance of the new Pixel 4. Not only we recently told.

But what is 4D?

The term “4D” in this context is not quite correct, but you can’t deny that for a marketing campaign with Google it will only benefit. It’s a great marketing term and so how the upcoming smartphones Pixel will be the fourth iteration of this line, it is fashionable to assume that the term 4D would be a great addition to a marketing campaign so hotly anticipated Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

As we can see, Google is not going to stop on the achieved capabilities of their mobile cameras, and even the designation of its smartphones, as the best camera on the market, does not prevent her to continue to invent new ways of getting a mobile camera to a whole new level of quality.

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