Google is preparing to launch her watch Pixel Watch system Wear OS

قوقل تستعد لإطلاق ساعتها Pixel Watch بنظام Wear OS

It seems that Google is preparing to launch a range of their products are wearable, they experience many of the audits for operating system Wear OS out of improving the level of applications for her smartphone, and some of the news that Google is working on adding an assistant athletic too, so match for the great interest of the audience of users for this University.

The company said yesterday that applications operating system Wear OS will process a quick review is mandatory, where it starts the scan for new applications in October, while applications already exist will begin to be reviewed on the fourth of March 2019. And perhaps divulge this procedure for the company’s intention to improve the Play Store before the announcement of the H pixels in October.

According to Android Police, there are rumours about the specification of the plugin Athlete of the year (Google Coach), and its recommendations by doing exercises, and track user performance, and also development if you forget or do not do your workout and display a replacement. Maybe you integrate more activity daily, offer healthy meals, or prepare a shopping list.

As long as the list of expectations for the website several advantages, given that Google owns a number of data to its users and by sensors in the previous also to enable them to know the heart rate, which is, of course, advantages can be exploited with Google to update all of the Apple TV, and Fitbit.

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