Google is preparing to dazzle the world بـCES 2018 and understanding on the Amazon


With the launch of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018 after a few hours From now, I began to Google their preparations to impress the world, with equipped Google suite of its big-screen custom of the large amount of attendees that will pass through the Las Vegas Convention Center, as I wrote the words to hey Google on the side of the trains in the city, and distributed the plates of different ad of the same word in all parts of the city, it seems that Google will reveal the improvements and new additions especially with her smartphone during the CES 2018, particularly after the ignition of the competition between him and Alex of Amazon.

Hey google على أحد القطاراتHey google on one of the trains

According to USA Today doubled the use of personal assistant Alex three times, from May 2016 to May 2017, and increase is due to growth of sales of devices and amplifiers smart, supported in the intelligent assistant of Amazon, but rather increased the use of Alex after the integration with my HTC U11 Huawei dead 9, Series phones, the Moto Z .

إعلان جوجل
Google’s announcement

Since receiving assistant Alex for this great start in 2017, Google hopes to add her assistant. a larger number of devices and to get a strong start in Las Vegas this year.

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