Google is preparing to announce Pixelbook with the new version of the hardware Pixel tablet

A report published from The Verge recently about the plans of Google to launch new version of hardware Pixel tablet, with the device Pixelbook during the coming period.

Google Pixel tablet

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While the report of Business Insider recently to the plans for the search giant to provide lowering devices provided by the company, confirmed the site of The Verge that Google has plans to launch new versions of the devices Pixel tablet, with the device Pixelbook soon, as confirmed by another report from 9to5Google that Google provided some hints about the future of the next versions during the events of Cloud Next 2019.

According to the statements of Steve Jacobs director of the production department Pixelbook “that the company Google is working on the development of each of the devices Pixelbook and Pixel tablet to evaluate performance and support best in cloud”.

It is expected according to the statements of Google to get the new version of the hardware Pixel Slate the update in the software, on the other hand, you need to Google to upgrade devices Pixelbook template to keep abreast of the ongoing competition in the market of laptops.


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