Google is planning to launch the platform games to compete with PlayStation and Xbox

قوقل تخطط لإطلاق منصة ألعاب لمنافسة PlayStation وXbox

Getting the attention firmly in the field of games with time, while the companies are interested to develop different techniques for this council always strives to achieve big profits because of the profitable games of money for the owners companies developer, and much more to owners of the company of the developer for games.

While the Sony on the throne of this area competition from Microsoft, is working with Google to develop its own platform to compete with other companies and work on getting to the top as usual with giant technical.

According to sources the site kotaku knowledge, the company is seeking to develop a software platform for games, and the development of devices and cut her, as well as bring developers to work under the roof of the company to develop games for by direct recruitment or attempted acquisition of the games company to bring its developer. It has also to participate in the Microsoft conference the games E3 the beginning of the month.

And Google on its project name of the Yeti, according to the site, the company representatives they meet a number of representatives from gaming companies during the financial period and especially in the conference games last March.

This does not seem enough for the company, as to the reports speak about her work on the development of the Cloud Platform for gaming like the GeForce Now NVIDIA, which means the arrival of its services to the greatest number of players without having to the highest specifications in their devices, where it is play online via the company’s servers and the user can play with ease on his machine, whatever the specs.

Maybe this decision will be very influential in the gaming market especially since Google is behind it, but the more information we’ll know later about the mechanism of the product and its capabilities to compete with larger gaming platforms.

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