Google is offering business relationships and solutions more simple for advertisers and publishers

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We launched the company Google AdWords before 18 years almost with the aim of facilitating the communication between businesses and customers via the internet, in light of the changes witnessed by the world since then, we have become the mobile devices an integral part of our daily lives, where it allows its users to quickly jump between different tasks, such as searching for products or watch a video or browse the content or explore the games, it also allowed for marketing more access to customers across many channels, devices and shapes.

The opportunities currently available to its importance and complexity, more than ever, the development program of Google ads over the years to help marketers to communicate with customers via Google Search to help them also to communicate through each stage of the customer journey through video ads and text ads and display.

For that reason, we offer today’s business relationships and solutions more simplicity in our product advertising, which includes Google ads and Google Marketing Director of Google ads, and will help these new brands advertisers and publishers of various sizes to choose solutions that fit their business and to provide advertising value, reliable, in addition to experience appropriate for customers on all devices and channels, as part of this change, we require new solutions to help advertisers get started using Google ads and to promote cooperation between different work teams.

Google ads

Marks ads by Google new business the full range of advertising possibilities that we offer currently across the various services of the company and the websites of partner applications, so as to help the marketing to communicate with billions of users who are looking for answers to their questions by using the “Google Search”, or watching videos on YouTube, or exploring new places via Google Maps, or on new apps on Google Play, or browsing content on the web and other activities.

And through Google ads a new kind of advertising campaigns devoted to activities small business, to have to start using ads on the web, featuring this new kind of protection technology machine learning that characterizes the program Google ads affordable for small businesses, and help her to achieve results with minimal effort and focus on the management of the business activity.

Marketing platform

We are working on strengthening the cooperation between marketing teams within the enterprise through a combination of products DoubleClick for advertisers, and”reams of Statistics Google 360″ under one brand, namely the “Google platform marketing”.

It noted the views of the marketing to the benefits of combining advertising and technology statistics, allowing for better understanding the behaviors of consumers and achieve business results better, and the “platform marketing” effort marketing to reach its goals to take advantage of the merger between the reams of Statistics 360 and”marketing DoubleClick digital”, and help them on the planning of digital media and customer experiences, procurement, measuring, and optimizing cross-platform one.

As we know about the platform “the space show, video, 360″, which includes features from DoubleClick Bid Manager and”campaign Manager” and”professional” and”working platform”, which allows cooperation between teams, advertising design agencies, advertising media, and implementing integrated campaigns in a single platform.

A unified platform in the center of the Google ads

Recognize the changes that have taken place on how to achieve publishers to profit from their content, from where users access this content via different devices and the growing demand from advertisers for access automation.

In light of these changes, publishers need to manage their businesses more simply and efficiently, so our work over the past three years to combine DoubleClick for Publishers and doubleclick Ad Exchange on the platform of a common mechanism to protect a new brand as the “city of Google ads”.

We are pleased to help our partners to achieve a better income and give them greater efficiency through this new development, regardless of the ways and cooperation between them and advertisers or about the channels that customers use to watch videos or play games, or browse the content.

Transparent controls reliable

Realize that the media and technology used by advertisers to have an impact on their relationship with customers, always we are committed to ensuring follow our products and our on her abduction, to the highest industry standards in terms of transparency and give users the ability to choose the ads they watch, for example, we recently announced the“ads settings” New we have expanded the scope of the feature “why this ad?” To all of our services and our websites almost, in addition to applications that you share with us to view ads.

We will give more information about these and other changes of a new episode in the “ads” and”Statistics” and”logic,” which we’ve designed to help you develop your business through the effectiveness of “Google Marketing Live”.

Please register now to watch the event on 10 July at nine o’clock a.m. Pacific Time/12 noon Eastern Time.

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