Google is looking to compete in the market of phones collapsible

Started a lot of the Giants of manufacturing a phone in the direction to develop phones folding as part of the possible versions launched this year, in the latest leaks suggested that Google is also planning to launch released Your of smart phones collapsible.

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Launched some phone manufacturers the first generation of the possible versions of folding recently, where she presented the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as revealed Huawei unveiled the phone Mate X, also use Motorola to launch phone RAZR rollaway in the coming period.

On the other hand, monitoring has patented a new search giant Google via Patently Mobile, which discloses a folding apparatus to the inside, the design is trying to the next version of Motorola phone Razar folding.

Projections indicate that this design in the patent Google are the first steps for the issuance coming from Google to compete in the market of flip phones in the coming period.

Also comes another plan for phones collapsible Google to reveal a distinctive design a folded twice to the inside, with more than one work in the phone.

Recall that the patents Google is still in its early stages at the moment, so I can’t emphasize the transfer of these schemes to the development phase soon, so we should expect more details about the development of Google’s plans at the launch of released Your of this category of smart phones later.


I know of

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