Google is launching a test to measure the ability of users to identify e-mails backup

قوقل تطلق اختباراً لقياس قدرة المستخدمين في التعرف على الرسائل الالكترونية الاحتيالية

The company launched Google via its unit jigsaw yesterday, Tuesday a test of the users in order to measure their abilities in the identification of fraudulent e-mail communications that reach their accounts, by forwarding a series of e-mails different and varied control how the user with it as if it was able to distinguish the signals of the reserve that they contain.

Where she said just that phishing accounted for 1% of the messages sent in the current time, while this test in the context of the training unit of approximately 10,000 can journalists and politicians how to identify and deal with suspicious messages.

And Google then provided the tags which indicate that these messages are located in the circle network standby through the tracking URL and check the source as well as make sure the email address of the sender and auditing in the war office, where a lot of inventors to use the names of well-known companies of drops for the purpose of fraud.

And Google in tested eight models of letters came, some within the framework of the legitimate messages that arrive securely and the other as phishing, where most of those models are based on the real events know no users or well-known characters.

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