Google is going to integrate his Assistant in Android

Android is the world’s most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets. This OS a lot of advantages, many of which relate to the relative openness of the system and as a consequence its functionality. This week it became known that Google is going to integrate into Android its not less popular than the OS, the smart assistant. I’m sure when that happens, with the functionality of the “green robot” will be able to compete unless Jarvis from kynoselen Marvel.

In the short video, which you can watch below, the product Manager in the Google Department Assistant Austin Chang (Austin Cheng) talks about how will be the integration of the two major Google products and what benefits it will give users of Android devices in the future. This short interview from the video took place at the company’s booth during the International Mobile Congress (MWC 2019), which took place a month ago in Barcelona and which, of course, we visited. To find out what’s interesting showed the largest technology event, as well as changing the Congress from year to year, click on any topic that interests you and read or have a look at our extensive material.

In the video Chang first talks about how convenient that the Messages app in Android now integrated Google now. He explains how the assistant works like a Smart Reply in Google Allo and can monitor your dialogue, looking for it something connected with cinema, restaurants, weather, and other things, to immediately offer the options right at the top of the dialog box.

What is even more interesting, Chang talks about how all of this can happen with the integration directly in the device itself, but rather in its OSes. Just imagine how the AI built into your smartphone constantly analyzes everything you do and, anticipating your follow-up actions immediately displays the appropriate prompts and suggestions.

Further, the Chang talks about some of the basic functions of the Assistant, which are related to its interaction with Android applications. For example, apps have special scripts that allow Google Assistant to interact directly with certain functions of these applications. That is, in fact, the intelligent assistant will be deeply integrated into the system itself and the applications that it installed, and thus be able to deduce the experience of interacting with a mobile device to a whole new level.

How do you mean near future from Google, which is coming true right before our eyes?

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