Google is facing accusations of spying on its employees to prevent protest rallies (report)

جوجل تواجه اتهامات بالتجسس على موظفيها لمنع التجمعات الاحتجاجية (تقرير)

Face a number of Google staff charges for their company to spy on their activities, claiming it has created a tool-like extensions to provide important to monitor any calls or gatherings for 100 or more people might say they are organized.

Where this information refers to the file association through the tool from the point of view Google to the intentions of those staff members to protests or organized mass labor, where the company denied the owner of Google these allegations categorically.

Came allegations of staff via a note sent to Bloomberg, claiming that the Ali in the company mess team especially for the establishment and development of extensions to the Chrome browser to be installed on all devices of the company’s key role is to monitor the activities of internal staff.

Staff said that the tool you reporting any employee generates invitations on the calendar and send it to 100 people or more, explaining it was an attempt by the company to the tree of any action or activity of the organization workers.

Probably the first discovery tool surveillance software to last September where the team review the Privacy Policy in the company to its classification under the item of concern, according to Bloomberg.

On which expanded panel discussion, the staff of the tool after they found out she designed the setup was forced on the police and can not be removed. Increased circle of doubts about it after to prevent a number of staff have access to the documents special about the project.

For its part, the company denied the accusations categorically where he responded to the note indicated by the site being a tool working for many months in accordance with the procedures legal rules of privacy, adding to that the allegations about the role of the operational career of the tool is not the origin of Health.

Explaining that the utility function comes in the light of the alert staff prior to add meetings automatically in large numbers, Navi plus its spokesman collected any such data or call control via the calendar, but the tool gives support to the random and unwanted.

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