Google is difficult to access malicious apps to the Android store

Baptized company Google today to clarify many of its laws, and reviewed ways in which to deal with incompatible applications, in addition to announcing that it will scan the accounts of new developers to the Android closely.

The company has made over the past two years great efforts to improve data control in Android applications, and through the introduction of changes at the system level in Android, and improve the policies of the developers of the Apps store in Google Play.

This requires policy developers to disclose data collection methods sensitive and use, restricting access to certain permissions, such as those involving the records of SMS and calls.

Wrote Samir Sam was Sameer Samat, vice president of Google Product Management, in the publication: “we sought from the beginning to the formulation of the Android system as the operating system entirely open source. It was this approach and openness associated with the developer a cornerstone in the philosophy of Android since the beginning.”

“But with the growth and development of the organization, every decision taken by the company comes with trade-offs. This responsibility towards the users is something we take very seriously always.”

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And shows Google they are heading in the coming weeks to renew any emails that you send when you rejection, with included better explanation and more details, including the reason for the decision, and how applications can be modified to comply with, and how to submit a resume.

It also indicates they will provide instructions for appeal in all your email messages of rejection, coupled with models of the interview, and they will add more reviewers to the review team’s applications in order to expedite and make the processing of Appeals more personalized.

In addition, Google says the process to review applications submitted by developers without a previous record would take more time, allowing them to conduct more comprehensive testing before approval to publish the app via the Google Play Store Google Play.

He explained the company’s vice president Google product management that the vast majority of Android developers enjoy in good faith, except that some accounts are suspended due to serious violation of the complementary policies that protect the company’s users.

He said: “while 99 percent of the decisions of this comment is true, we also are sensitive to the extent of their impact if your account has been disabled by mistake.”

Reduced the recent changes in the context of Google’s many Android apps are harmful in concrete terms, according to the company that apps that has access to text messages and contact information has declined by more than 98 percent.

Revealed by her annual report for 2018 on the security and protection of Android that the rate of 0.08 percent of devices that use Google Play Store to download apps may have been influenced by the application of potentially harmful (PHAs).

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