Google is able to stop the spread of the game Fortnite counterfeit

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The game has become forney Fortnite famous developed by company Epic Games available for almost every platform, where they arrived earlier this month to the platform Nintendo Switch, only to phones operating with the Android operating system is still lacking for this game, and you won’t get it until later this year, which helped the proliferation of versions harmful of this game for the Android system, although not released after the operating system of Google for mobile devices effectively.

The shape of the game Fornite, which was issued in September 2017, a huge jump in the gaming field, where the higher the number of monthly active users to more than 125 million users in less than a year, has attracted the success of the game the crooks who want earn money, where the current method of deception on the forthcoming release of the game for Android and the lure of eager to play it and play it before the release of its official operating system, which owns more than two million device.

The Android system to a great extent another major platform you get the game, as confirmed company Epic Games that they will release the game officially during the summer of 2018, but in the meantime, waiting for the unofficial versions of the game on the form of malicious code, and Google can do a lot to prevent people from installing them on Android devices.

And Nathan Collier Nathan Collier, a researcher at security company Malwarebtyes in the code solved the problem: “there are many videos on YouTube containing links claiming versions of Fortnite for the Android system”, where the Collier examined these links, which can be found by searching for the phrase “how to install a Fortnite on Android”, which take the VA to the apps don’t work via the Google Play Store official, but is hosted externally as files APK, which can be installed on Android devices.

Offers Collier it is a simple program that comes two names of two different package, where the app icon is an image is through the use of the logo of Epic Games, as that loading screen is the same screen download game Fortnite on iOS iOS, which makes the user enter for the first glance shows that the app is official, once you open the app it shows users who have installed it that there is a need to download and install the updates.

Require you try to install these updates prove that the user is a person and not a robot by installing another app available in the Google Play store, so users are directed there via the web site achieve the financial returns to developers by attracting people to download Android apps, and the user gets in the end on the game Fortnite.

Discover Lucas Stephanie invites Lukas Stefanko, a researcher in the area of the systematically harmful within the company ESET, earlier in the month of June having the APK files are adjustable are posted through a YouTube video, said that the videos got millions of views and often returns to the developers, added Stephanie to one of these applications contains 40 lines of code a special game Fornite.

According to experts, these applications do not need to have any technical development in order to be successful, although it can systems anti-malware with Google check devices in search of malicious files, but these apps can fake to be significantly spread through popular topics.

And view rastogi … Vaibhav Rastogi, researcher in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: “waiting for the app of fake and through social engineering, such as enticing users about the possibility of playing a popular game, where the vulnerability that is exploited here is not in the system but in the human”.

It seems that Google is not able to do much to stop the methods of social engineering, especially when it happens outside of the Google Play Store using APK files, or from the markets of Android apps other, where there are a lot of alternative place to download Android apps, but the Google store is considered the most secure, says Collier: “we can’t download Google Inc. the responsibility of this, as it’s very difficult to control such types of applications counterfeit”.

Continued to Google the problem in the discovery of malware within Google Play store, which was originally called the name “Android Market” Android Market, since its launch in 2008, and during 2011 spread malicious code called DroidDream, which deliberately automatically download apps other harmful through the android market, as was found in the year 2017 on the malicious code called Grabos in more than 140 Android application.

Expanded Google in the last year My Security System.. Play Protect so that link to phones and tablets running Android, the company says that the system for detect malware that uses machine learning to scan more than 50 million apps every day, and explained through the report of the security Android annual it has established a risk analyst automated applications running on the provision of static analysis and dynamic the APK files to detect potential negative comments are harmful, so that in the event of the discovery system is something suspicious, it sends the app to the abuser to a team of security experts to review it manually.

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