Google invites you to the conference Google I/O 2018

The conference Google I/O in 2018, in which the search giant is likely to unveil the next version of proprietary OS and a number of equally interesting products, will be held from 8 to 10 may. The company has already started to distribute the tickets among those who want to visit one of the main events dedicated to Android.

It is expected that Google I/O in 2018 the company can tell us more about Android P and maybe tell some details about the project Fuchsia. In the latter, Google is developing an open operating system, which, logically, would be able to replace Android.

As conceived by Google, anyone can become a participant. In order enough to buy a ticket costing 1150$, a permit to purchase which will be raffled in the lottery. For visitors from academia, the price will be reduced to $ 375.

At last year’s event Google’s paid a lot of attention to its services, introduced the Android O, own set of tools for application development and Kotlin has announced the release of Google Assistant for iOS. Hopefully, this year we have no less interesting event.

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