Google invests us$ 550 million in the platform of electronic commerce Chinese

قوقل تستثمر 550$ في منصة التجارة الالكترونية الصينية

The giant American technology that parent company Google is investing $ 550 million in the platform for electronic commerce, which owns one of the largest websites in China and the world.

The move from Google to increase its expansion in major markets globally, especially in Asia which is considered one of the largest centers of electronic commerce in the world, the company also hopes through this work to strengthen its relationship with the Chinese market and confirm its presence there. It also works on areas of major companies such as Amazon in that area, especially as it has achieved very rapid growth since entering the market.

Will be the platform for Chinese trade on the purchase of this investment make Google Calendar in its products in the service by electronic sale and purchase, which will make the products displayed on the product appear to a wider set of users all around the world and in East Asia alone, which makes its remove from the scope of its trade in Europe and America and the proportion of profit is larger.

Recall that the Chinese government does not allow the power in their services and products in China because of its refusal to grant the permission to monitor the activity of users on the search engine or the operating system as the rest of the companies, making it difficult for the company to ask any products or services there away from their investment in the platform

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