Google introduces version 66 of the system by operating the Chrome OS

Google introduces version 66 of the system operating Chrome OS Chrome OS, so this version contains many small adjustments.

After Google earlier this month in 66 of the browser by the For Web Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux and Android, is now asking women to 66 of its rules of operating Chrome OS Chrome OS, besides the restrictions on the AutoPlay media and export passwords, this version includes many small adjustments, in addition to the mitigation of the problem of Meltdown on all devices and Chrome OS.

As a reminder, they have released Google version 64 of the Chrome in the month of January, which allowed users to ignore images based on each site individually, so in order to make the operating experience more consistent, and one Google of these efforts through its new policies that limit how long can the media work automatically in the version 66 of the Chrome.

For clarity, it is possible for the videos to work automatically in the new version of chrome in case it meets a number of conditions and standards imposed by Google like that you should mute the video clip or not to play sound automatically, which means the possibility of video playback automatically in the background as long as there is no sound.

While include other criteria on the fact that the user has previously clicked on the site during a browsing session or add the website to the Home screen of the mobile device or if he had repeatedly run video clips on the site such as browse youtube frequently, based on the index of Media Engagement.

As I got the new version on the feature to export the passwords for use by applications Password Manager developer from a third party, which allows users to download a list of data stored passwords, with to prompt the user to confirm the desire to download the passwords, so that it is saved as a file with the extension “.csv” without encryption, with a warning from your browser indicating that such a file can see for anyone who has access to it.

With regard to security, it has been repair all the organs of the Chrome OS against the vulnerability Meltdown security, and at the same time, these women contain a number of small additions, including a test application for the new keyboard, as that is the default interface for the keyboard has now become a window into several sections along the sea, it also allows you to feature Magic or Instant Tethering, and it allows a fast connection with your phone, and more devices, while the app can camera Chrome Chrome Camera is now recording video.

And for those who use the feature Speaker of the Chrome OS has become can benefit from the ability to zoom up to 20 times, with the support of Android apps installed through the Google Play Store for screen sharing, it has also been extended to support printing implied to apps Google Play, add notification to sync during the initial login, and data in the window extended.


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