Google introduces new updates to service presentations to Google Slides

Google has made recently in a some updates to its service cloud storage Google Drive, such as the possibility of recording the macro in the spreadsheet, the way to change the capitalization in the text.

To better compete with the pack office apps from Microsoft Microsoft Office, Google is constantly working to add new features to the application group and its service of its service for cloud storage Google Drive Google Drive.

Accordingly, it has got the service of Google presentations Google Slides on the new update adds new features to facilitate the coordination of the slide such as the ability to add one slice and put it in a Google doc Google Doc and other things, so that supposed to up these features for all users within the next two weeks.

For clarity, in the event you are working on a Google Slide together with the Google Doc, then you know you sometimes want to copy information from one application to another, and using this update, you can now copy the bar to a whole and put it in the level of Google.

It is also due to the fact that everything exists in the cloud, it is in case you make changes to the slide presentations Google Slides, these changes make its way to Google Docs Google Doc.

While the company added custom changes for people who like to maintain the format of the slides is practiced the entire presentation, about the way the directories are that can be placed horizontally operates, making it easier to align text and objects within the slide.

In addition, you receive these guidelines within each segment of the presentation is to make the coordination process easier, with the availability to a ruler visible new gives you precise control the text alignment, lists, and objects and evidence.

It helps you the signs of indentation on the ruler to control the alignment of text or bullets inside the objects, in addition to the leadership of Google to facilitate the process of direct comment on parts of the text in the slide rather than the entire slide.

And these changes you can now comment on specific text within the object such as text box within the slide, while you could in the previous comment only on the whole object or to the whole slide, which provides additional control over the comments when the team is working on a presentation shared.


Source: Google introduces new updates to service presentations to Google Slides

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