Google introduced Google Play in a new design. How to enable it

Making Chrome for Android convenient to use on smartphones with extended screens by transferring control elements down, Google decided not to stop there and start to redraw Google Play. The firmware update of Google, which came out today, though was not as significant, can still simplify the usage and to facilitate the perception due to the reworked interface design.

The first thing that catches the eye when you look at the updated Google Play is the almost total lack of green in the design of its interface. Now cap directory as the main part has a white design, and the only color accent that the designers decided to preserve the green highlighting of the section in which you are in the moment. In my opinion, Google Play looks much better and is no longer associations with its predecessor called Play Market, which was entirely painted green.

Update On Google Play

But the change of colour is not enough. In order to make the interaction with the catalogue, the designers decided to move the sections from the top of the Google Play down. Now, to go to the section with games, movies or books, there is no need to stretch the brush and pull your finger to the top of the screen, because everything is here, right under your fingers.

In the “My apps and games” removed the dividing lines between applications, making it more clean and easy. In addition, redraw the button, updates, and launch applications from this list in accordance with the style of Material Design 2.0.

But the partition with the music is gone from the main page Google Play at all. Apparently, this was a long planned decision, because now Google to promote YouTube Music. Removing music from a hats application directory, the search giant made the right decision. Both will be able to draw attention to YouTube Music, but at the same time and eliminate internal competition between their own sites. However, this topic still – it is located in the context menu that is invoked by swipe to the left.

How to apply the changes

Below are described the changes take effect, you need to install the Google Play version 15.1.24. Despite the fact that the update is already out, it spreads gradually, and that means they can get to you only in the summer. So you can download the updated Assembly, the directory at this link. After installing it will happen usamusement Google Play different versions, and you get access to the new interface.

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