Google introduced a service for sending free SMS messages

Google is working on creating another service to exchange messages with a straightforward name of Chat, found out The Verge. The new product will be the successor of the services and Allo Duo, combining their functionality and incorporating a number of new features like sending free SMS messages.

It is reported that Chat is not a standalone application, becoming part of an existing application Messages. The intentions of Google to combine the service for exchanging SMS with the usual online messenger evoke associations with iMessage, which the search giant is trying to compete.

The service will be based on the Rich Communication Services (RCS). Thanks to him, the messages sent to the subscriber who has not installed the app with the appropriate functionality, will be available in SMS format. For both sides of the correspondence will be free.

The main difficulty hindering the mass deployment of Chat, is the need for operator support message transfer Protocol. In other words, if the mobile provider does not support the specified Protocol, then the communication through Chat would be impossible.

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