Google introduced a feature to scan for Bluetooth devices in Android Q

At the end of 2017, Google announced a new feature called Fast Pair. This feature, which debuted along with headphones Buds Pixel for Pixel 2, is designed to improve the connection of your smartphone with a Bluetooth accessory. In November last year, Fast Pair has been updated to support synchronization of saved Bluetooth connections between Android-devices on one Google account. At Google I/O 2019 the company quietly announced a new feature for Fast Pair called Find My Accessories. It has also been demonstrated an updated menu the Bluetooth settings for devices running Android Q.

A new feature of Find My Accessories

Fast Pair, a reduction from the Pair Google Fast Service (GFPS), is part of the Services Google Play and supports all Android devices 6.0 and later connected to the accessory with the A2DP or HFP. Android smartphone (Fast Pair Seeker) scans for BLE signals from the accessory (Fast Pair Provider) that contains information about Fast Pair, which in the case of detection is sent to Google for comparison with their database. Then the user is shown a notification asking “click to pair”. If the user agrees, between the smartphone and the Bluetooth accessory establishes a connection. Subsequent attempts to pair with this Bluetooth accessory will display a notification “Your saved device available”.

Google announced that a new feature called Find My Accessories will be available for all Bluetooth accessories that support Fast Pair. It will help users find their headphones, if they lose them, displaying the map in the app Find My Device, where are these headphones last time I lost the connection to the device. This function will also continuously scan the quality of the connection to determine that your device is moving away from headphones and either disable or play at them for increasing the volume.

New Bluetooth capabilities in Android Q

In the Android Q Google to offer users a more convenient experience with wireless headphones. A new feature on which the company notifies you about the battery charge of the headphones on the screen when the user opens or closes the charging case. Google is also working on updating the Bluetooth settings menu that it served as a sort of control centre for all devices connected via Bluetooth. Here you can see the detailed information about the battery status of your accessories, forget a connected device, manage Assistant and notifications, change touch, control the sound settings and switch the auto-detection in the ear.

Google currently has no plans to provide a standardized set of settings in the Bluetooth settings. Most likely, the company still prefers to let third parties provide their own companion applications, but the unification process encourages them to use the API Slices. New menu the Bluetooth settings and the notification has not yet appeared in the Android Q beta 3, but it may appear in the next beta.

Function Fast Pair comes to more devices

We can safely expect that this year more devices will support the Fast Pair. Google said they are working on support for additional Bluetooth profiles, and only devices with BLE. The company also told how they works with various third-party components and devices in order to interest them in supporting the Fast Pair. For example, Google recently announced collaboration with Qualcomm to support the Fast Pair in the new Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit (tool set to design smart headsets).

But Fast Pair will acquire not only the support for more headphones. The function is also used by manufacturers of wireless speakers, and so expect that it will expand to multiple product categories in the coming months. Google promised that the service will be supported by Chromebooks this year and in full swing working with the team Wear OS to provide support for smart watches.

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