Google intentionally hides the area of the display Pixel 3 is a software program overlays

The corners of the display Google Pixel 3 is actually less rounded than it might seem at first glance smartphone. How did you find the journalists of The Verge, for a more smooth Google additionally rounds off the corners with the software inserts black, who modestly conceal the useful area of the display. In the same way manufacturers hide the on-screen groove that houses the front camera and sensor system of recognition.

Despite the obvious desire of Google to more smoother angles on the Google display Pixel 3, overlays are not present on it permanently. They disappear with the deactivation of smartphone and only manifest themselves after a fraction of a second after switching it on, when they can be seen.

Why Google smooths the corners of the display Pixel 3

As seen in the GIF animations, overlays slightly conceal useful display space and make the corners much more rounded. But does this make any sense? Google thinks it is. Must be so, according to the team of designers and developers, the interface starts to look more attractive.

What’s wrong with display Google Pixel 3

It is not excluded, however, that with the help of the Google overlays hides the asymmetry of the matrix made by the manufacturer. So, at least, I believe some users were not able to unravel the true intent of the search giant.

It is interesting that the smoothing only affects the top corners, leaving the bottom intact. This drew the attention of the it observers AndroidPolice, who said that, saw one of the manifestations of asymmetry to “unsee” them is no longer possible.

At the time of publishing, Google has not provided comments, to answer the question about the reasons for the smoothing of the corners. Perhaps if their dissatisfaction will Express as many as possible users, companies will have no choice but to reveal the true purpose of programmatic overlap, and perhaps even delete them.

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