Google increase the button “view images” in image search results!

قوقل صور

قوقل صور

Button one will increase his Google and will impact the lives of hundreds of millions, where they began to remove the button “display image” “view image” from the image search results what would be important to get a picture of the search engine.

This button is of the utmost importance to a lot of users where it was easy to get the picture clearly and directly where they are opened in a separate window select them and use them in any other place.

Now to get the picture that you click on the button to visit the website Visit and download the entire web page in which there are and then save them in particular, means more of the additional steps that were selected by this button.

Or you can right clicking on the thumbnail from the search results open in a separate window, that may expose them to zoom out automatic therefore you have to remove some characters from the address bar to view it full size.

The major purpose of the removal of this button is the protection of intellectual property rights for designers, publishers, and pictures where it can easily “steal” their images by saving them from the search results, but now no longer Google facilitate this task, but the “speed” of the publisher’s site directly, if they let it.

Worth noting that Google also remove the Search button from the image “search by image” that appears when you open the picture, but you can still drag and drop them in the search bar of your search engine image.

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