Google Inc. unveils a special application for the audio data under the name of Google Podcasts


Not provided Google absolutely any custom application for the podcast for the Android before, but in the end decided to do so. Have its rival Apple already favorite apps separate mobile devices, and now Google will walk the same footsteps of the Apple through the issuance of a special application for the podcast on the Android platform. Before this app, you can users either listen to the file the podcast on Google Play Music or use the player to the mysterious built-in search feature within Android.

Company is working Google Now to facilitate the task of listening to the audio ” Podcasts ” on Android devices using a special app Google Podcasts available for download now free. The app provides users with access to a variety of trading data and audio ” Podcasts ” that will be automatically synced with other Google services that support the user, like Google Assistant.

It’s far from being the application to run media files because it can’t use it except to listen to the training audio data. Company Google they will add many of the features supported artificial intelligence to Google Podcasts in the coming months. For example, lets you auto fabric backed artificial intelligence to read audio data in one of the many languages supported and displays to the user what is happening in the dream that listens to it. The app will also make suggestions to users of the material relating to energy that not listen to them if they want a deeper understanding of the subject.

I didn’t say Google if it was planning to issue this application for iOS devices also. Don’t expect Google Podcasts currently only on the Android platform through the Google Play Store.



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