Google Inc invests US $ 22 million in the system KaiOS for cell phones

Nokia 8110 KaiOS

Some may be familiar with KaiOS. It’s a special operating system mobile phones traditional which appeared as part of the remnants of the system Firefox OS, a subsidiary of the Mozilla. Limited system KaiOS on traditional cell phones are used in mobile phones that carry the brand Nokia like Nokia 8110 note that there are mobile phones other than my company Micromax and TCL running KaiOS. Got system KaiOS now for the vote of confidence from Google Inc. after the latter invested $ 22 million in this system.

Back system KaiOS as common for cell phones to the traditional, which is the only category of mobile phones that do not have Google bring Android to it. He started this system as a branching of the system Firefox OS from the company Mozilla, and has since been adopted by a group of manufacturers that still make traditional cell phones.

Trying to Google company to expand itself in the market of cheap phones using the Android Go so it might seem invested in KaiOS strange to some, but the company has strategic reasons behind it.

CEO announced KaiOS, Mr. Sebastien Codeville today that ” Google and KaiOS its also to work together to make Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Search available to users of KaiOS “. Uses developers who make applications for KaiOS number of different programming languages, including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Thus, Google can offer its services easily to these devices and make sure that their services will be even for mobile phones traditional.



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