Google in talks to acquire the company Fitbit

According to a report from Reuters, the company Alphabet which is the parent company of the entered into negotiations to acquire the company Fitbit is a company that develops and produces hours bracelet smart aim providing health products.

Reuters reported still this page in the negotiation phase and can be cancelled at any time, but if we look to Google in the watch market after the status of its diamond to compete with Apple, Huawei and Samsung, we’ll be of interest to you this page of course.

Company Fitbit Premium in the production of the bracelet smart (Bands) as well as the Smart Watch which is running its own named Virsa Lite not running Google watches Wear OS which is developed by Google invested in it are big and clear.

If, as is usually the companies file optional, Google, Apple, Microsoft and others, if you can’t think in one area you can simply look around you for one distressed companies and acquisitions we build on a new to become one of the onlookers would be this page? We’ll see

Source: Reuters

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