Google improves voice search for music

Google improves voice search for music

The company said Google us via her blog official, it’s in the process of delivering significant improvements to the voice search Sound Search via the search engine or application on smart phones.

Confirmed Google they strive to tell the search engine to identify any lump sum of his musical and written information about pre, during less than 10 seconds.

This update will also work mechanism in the path of the Google Digital .

Google improves voice search for music

Google says it’s named Now Playing on technology to identify music tracks.

And technical design in Now Playing to create a small footprint and a small part of the song and match them with the database on the machine includes tens of thousands of songs, and the database is updated often to remove the ancient melodies and add new versions.

On the other hand, looking Sound Search server-side for a match in a larger database size contains more than 1000 times more than available now, also uses voice search also neural network four times the size of the grid used in operating now .

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