Google imposes on manufacturers issue security updates regularly to their


Android encountered a problem since its release for the first time will be facing probably all old, and may be heard about this problem on more than one occasion, a retail. For Google, it you upgrade the Nexus devices and the Google Pixel is immediate, while using the other companies longer to achieve its smart phones.

The Google Inc some procedures to reduce the problem of fragmentation, such as the launch of a new Project Treble and commit it on all devices that have been released with Android 8.0 or higher version. Moreover, it has made Google a lot to make manufacturers to provide more security updates regularly.

According to some documents obtained by the website The Verge, it seems that the company has Google’s terms of a new with manufacturers for devices to be able to use the system of Android. It is estimated that these conditions are valid in Europe but have followed by other regions soon.

For all devices that have been issued after 31 January of this year, requiring all hardware manufacturers to provide regular updates to the operating system for two years for the ” common devices“, which is defined by Google as any device is activated by at least 100 thousand users. As of January 31, 2019, you must update all the devices that have been identified as ” model of mandatory security ” must be list of security patches that have been installed is older than 90 days.

If the manufacturers do not abide by the terms of Google, I’ll say this last book is approved on the phones of the future, and that means prevent them from launching, at least according to what is indicated by the position of The Verge.

Show these new terms in the license agreement of Google for Android phones and tablets that are sold within the European Union. This is due to the change in items mostly to the increased attention to security more than anything else. To illustrate it, don’t tell Google team updates Android key manufacturers, but to be security fixes on any released update before 90 days.



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