Google image supports now search for images that were taken in the work

Google Photos

During the conference, Google developers I/O 2018 held few months before now, touched upon the company to service its Google image “Google Photos” are large, has just announced the addition of the capabilities of artificial intelligence “AI” of the service, there will be more during the next period, and this is exactly what we see these days, where the improved application and service and we saw new smart features.

The most recent support service and the app now to search for photos that were taken in the work, and this extension is very useful, where if your job requires you to keep a tab of the documents or items, or if you manufacture the innovative products you export them, or if you have downloaded the images at work for any other reason, you might need to easy way to filter those images, so you can now do this quickly by typing “work” in the field of image search Google.

صور قوقل تدعم الآن البحث عن الصور التي تم إلتقاطها في العمل

With regard to the way to work this feature, you may use the company Site Settings and perform a quick search for photos taken during the work and find, finally home to see the settings other clever during the next phase like this new feature, such as photos taken at home, or in other places care about the majority of users.

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