Google image reveal the most important specifications of the phone the Google Pixel 4

Maybe we take a peek on the phone the Google Pixel 4 of the new giant Google, after it was published the image of the phone resembles to a large extent by the phone on your Twitter account with the US network and then she removes it after a few minutes and it happened last week, apparently it is a new way of advertising, shared a photo of the phone by site 9to5Google, the already considerable similarities between the phone, which appears and that which appeared last week in the Google Image.

What appeared in the image of the Google phone the Google Pixel 4

لأول مرة جوجل تطرح صورة خاصة بـ هاتف Google Pixel 4For the first time Google put a special photo in phone the Google Pixel 4

It seems that the phone provider frame of a large front in the upper part of the screen, which we believe it would be a dual-lens camera, the phone looks as if it is wrapped in one of the bags Google Pixel graphic display shows operations with the launch of the Pixel of the previous Also, we use a range of leaks Pixel 4 between now and next October, a month in which we expect the announcement of the flagship following Google officially, even Google itself get involved in the deliveries of this phone in order for advertising does not.

It was now after posting that picture confirmed the box design of the rear camera even though we’re not sure yet exactly of the type of optics that carry them, where there was talk about “the sensor spectrum” built-in phone the Google Pixel 4, which will be capable of sensing hand gestures the top of the phone, perhaps allowing users to control the device without touching the screen.

It seems that the phone will pregnant to buy a Snapdragon 855 and a memory random access (RAM) size of 6 GB, which puts it on par with some of the best phones for the year 2019, we will get all the details of that phone within a couple of months where you will be put on the market.

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