Google help its rival DuckDuckGo to get shorter range


A lot of people who tried to use alternative search engines of the head to DuckDuckGo, but the problem is that their domain name is hard to write at first glance for the majority, but that ended today because the engine has a new domain name is shorter thanks to Google itself!

Hauled a search engine that cares about privacy on the domain name of the company Google, which had bought it from شركةOn2 Technologies that were known as The Duck Corporation, anyway, didn’t distract from any of the parties about the value of the domain name.

Throughout the period of ownership of the Google domain name was conducting business process re-conversion of visitors to its official website what was causing the loss of users for try duckduckgo, and last summer I started putting a link to the engine the same and now the process has become automated analysis be the engine, not the Force, therefore no longer need to write the domain name is long and you can complete … only

And you google thousands of domain names that have undergone the process of re-converting for her official among those domain combinations, wrong spelling to her name such as or access to domain names featured short like yeah, owned by Google, not Facebook!

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