Google help cities reduce pollution and emissions

Announced Google from expanding its tool named Explorer environmental statistics (EIE) – that uses global map data inclusive of Google to help measure, reduce carbon emissions and to measure the potential of renewable energy in all parts of the city – to now include Europe.

This comes after the existence of this instrument on the United States, where plans giant technology for the use of data – which is arguably one of the most valuable resources in the world today – in order to help cities in the fight against climate change.

Wrote the director of the program (Google Earth), Rebecca Moore Rebecca Moore, in a blog post: this tool helps to gather new insights, research deeper, and procedures more effective.

And tool data transport and construction of Google Maps with the available information from the public about emissions, and the company tool in the beginning to Birmingham; the Manchester; and Wolverhampton; the Coventry; of Dublin; and Copenhagen.

The company plans to add more cities in other continents in the coming weeks, and any of the city run through the model via the internet.

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And tool Explorer environmental statistics (EIE) data in four categories:

  • Emissions of buildings.
  • Emissions of transport.
  • Emissions in general.
  • The solar energy potential.

Designed a tool to help cities figure out the changes that can be done by reducing emissions, such as creating more bike lanes or the installation of solar panels on buildings.

Have been measuring air pollution in a separate project named (Project Air View) via car service (Google Street View) during their passage through the cities, including London; and Copenhagen, it is assumed that involved Google this data also via the tool EIE.

And Copenhagen on what Google Data high level of air quality in the street, which helps simplify and improve procedures for combating climate change through the experience of data sets that focus on the product.

And map air quality in Copenhagen on the numbers about the concentration of the Carbon Black fine particles is extremely for each block, believes city leaders and Google to these visions help in the selection of hot spots and their use for planning of the eco-friendly in the future.

Used Dublin new tool to help in tracking the emissions of the transport modes, said executive director of the Council of the city of Dublin, Owen Keegan Owen Keegan: the tool has the ability to increase awareness about climate change in general and to inform people about the effects of the steps taken to combat it.

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