Google have to pay 105 million in damages to evict the center after charges move

قوقل تضطر لدفع 105$ مليون كتعويض لطرد مديرين بعد اتهامات التحرش

Finally appeared in the official value of money paid by Google for their managers expelled during the last period after being charged with issues of harassment, which included issues the founder of Android and the director of the previous section in the company’s Andy Rubin, as well as the vice president for research Amit Singh Solihull.

Said CNBC, the former director of the Android and the founder of the system got in the beginning a$ 150 million as shares in Google, but the case changed after the police intervention 90$ million in damages in cash to terminate the service.

As Amit Singh of Solihull, it was early exhibitions he has in the beginning of$ 45 million, but the value was reduced three to$ 15 million as a result of its competitor, which is AWeber.

In this figure, the Google paid less by about $ 30 million of the amount agreed to pay in the beginning during the past year.

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