Google hasn’t updated the web version of calendar 2010

Visiting again one of the largest online resources Reddit, I came across a very funny thread. It is a web version of the service Calendar. The user Dragonogard549 published a screenshot of the mobile version of the site with the caption “this is what you get if not download a calendar app, this web page…”.

We initially did not believe, however, visiting your own website, make sure that Dragonogard549 was right. Google to switch to the web version of the calendar offers download the app. If you give up, you will see the version of calendar 2010. Even at the bottom of the website flaunts the number “2010”.

But we went ahead and decided to check for interest and other services. It turned out that “Task” is also not updated. With the bottom for some reason, set in 2018, not 2010, as in the case with the calendar.

Can we call the situation normal? Of course not. Google is a software company, furthermore, it considers itself such. The company has more than 85 thousand employees. And none of them over 8 years since 2010 is not any question regarding updates of the web versions of the calendar and tasks.

This situation is very strange. Google is almost the most significant company in the world. As such, the company may have such minor problems? Perhaps the reason is poor organization of work or simply the incompetence of some staff, which controlled team working on the data services. Hard to say, but one thing is clear — normal this situation can not be called. And, really, it’s a shame when a company focuses on software, not updating it properly.

Interested to know your opinion. Do you think the reluctance to update the Calendar and Tasks a common mistake, or Google simply does not want to spend resources on mobile versions of sites, when there are full-fledged applications?

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