Google has updated the important function of Android

Function Fast Pairing, providing a seamless pairing of Bluetooth accessories with smartphones running Android 6.0 and newer will sync your previously connected devices under one account, Google, reports The Verge with reference to the official representatives of the search, ghania. Because of this, users with compatible smartphones will be able to transfer the connection to another machine, reducing manipulation to connect wireless headphones or headsets to a minimum.

Initially, the Fast Pair was presented as a response by Google to seamless connection that provided the AirPods. However, unlike Apple’s solution, compatible with all brand smartphones, the development of Google was exclusively available only to owners of the vehicles line Pixel. However, over time the developers of the search giant managed to adapt the function seamless interface for older devices, including those running Android 6.0.

How does Fast Pair

Connection within Fast Pair is just a few steps regardless of the type of device, be it headphones, a hearing aid or an external speaker. All that is required from the user, bring a compatible Bluetooth accessory to a smartphone running on Android 6.0 or newer, wait for the on screen notification of the detection of a new device and confirm the pairing by pressing the appropriate key.

The current update Fast Pair that maintains the information about connections, allows to avoid actions on re-pairing, including newsletter notification notifications and giving consent to the connection. Now if the smartphone is connected to the same Google account as the main, fall into the range compatible with Fast Pair a Bluetooth accessory will be automatically connected.

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