Google has updated the app Find My Device. To find a missing smartphone easier

Google introduced an updated version of app Find My Device to determine the location of the lost smartphone, tablet, or smart watches running Android. Now the search tool can display not only the approximate area on the map, but even to point to a specific institution, even within the same building in which the user could accidentally leave your camera. The update is already available for download in the Google Play to owners of all compatible devices.

The extension of the functionality of Find My Device comes in handy when the device is lost within large shopping malls or airports. Usually, in such situations, indicating the approximate location of loss with an accuracy of several tens or even hundreds of meters has not too much sense. But Google has found a solution for this problem. The company has loaded the Find My Device internal memory some institutions, significantly thereby easing the search process.

Lost Android-smartphone. What to do

Now, staying in the airport and realizing that you left your smartphone, you will be much easier to find it. It is enough to trigger a search of the computer, as the system will automatically detect that your loss left lying on the table in a Cinnabon or Subway. Agree, this is much easier and faster than to run around the terminal in search, with suspicion looking at the faces of people passing by in an attempt to determine if they’ve assigned your machine yourself.

Unfortunately, the advanced search under the Find My Device is not on all the places and works in all countries. This means that to find the missing in one of the Saratov shopping centers, the smartphone is not as easy as, for example, at JFK airport in new York or Dubai Mall in Dubai. However, for some it is even an advantage, as it will not apply directly to foreign security or police, and to make my own.

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App: Find My Device

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 207 people

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