Google has turned Android into a security key for 2FA

Many users ignore two-factor authentication due to the complicated authorization process. Still, it is not enough that you first need to enter the regular username and password, then confirm the entry using one-time code that comes by SMS or push notifications. Therefore, to simplify the users life, but at the same time to protect them from the dangers of hacking, Google decided to turn Android smartphones into Bluetooth-tokens that provide secure authorization.

Now, to prove your identity when you log in to your account, users of smartphones running Android will be able to use them as contactless security keys. However, there are a few limitations. First, the role of the token can perform only the devices with Android 7.0 and newer versions. Second, the computer that is being used the input must have a working Bluetooth module and active location services. Third, while confirmation using a smartphone running in test mode and available only on Google Chrome browser.

How to configure two-factor authentication

To configure two-factor authentication using Bluetooth-token, follow this link and open settings, alternative method of confirmation of identity, where the role of security key you want to add a smartphone that’s tied to your account.

The authorization procedure using the mobile security key is very simple. You first have to enter the username and password on a computer or tablet, then the smartphone, a notification appears asking you to confirm the entry. To do this, bring it closer and begin to hold the volume down key until a confirmation of authorization.

How to protect account from hacking

Unlike login approvals via SMS, which in theory allows that a one-time code can be intercepted, using a Bluetooth token provides greater reliability. Their main advantage is that for confirmation of the input token must be within reach of the Bluetooth connection, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

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