Google has taught the Google Assistant to understand that he was wrong

Probably everyone knows that Google Assistant, however well he didn’t recognize human speech, sometimes wrong and incorrectly responds to the question. To reduce the number of errors that Google has started to record specific phrases users that the assistant could misunderstand, and to decipher them for him. Despite the undeniable benefits of decoding, the effect is noticeable only in the long term, while many users would like to see the correct response from the assistant here and now.

Google Assistant does not properly recognize the question? He will understand and offer to fix

Recently Google has added to Google Assistant special key to modify the request. It allows you to immediately adjust the question or command given by the voice assistant, if he suddenly recognized them incorrectly or you have need of clarification. This can be very useful in situations when the question was originally formulated with the error or use of words that are heard equally, but differ in meaning.

How to change the query in Google Assistant

Google Assistant allows you to edit the queries, but not all, and the only ones he will choose

However, to use the editing tool is not always possible, but only if Google Assistant he decided that he could not recognize the issue or recognize a mistake on the part of the user. In this case, a hypothetically incorrect the query will appear a button “Edit”. Pressing it displays the keyboard unit with the ability to make changes to the original request, as in the messenger. After the necessary adjustments are made, will remain to press the confirm button, and the changed part for clarity, be emphasized straight line.

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It turns out that the opportunity to correct the requests are primarily directed to the clarification of controversial issues, instead of changing the obvious mistakes. For example, if you ask the assistant to call my Wife, and he inadvertently confused it with Janna, especially if the request was not clearly pronounced, the query can be adjusted. All this will allow Google Assistant to adapt it for your pronunciation and make fewer mistakes when executing commands that you give to him.

Why you can’t change all queries

At first glance it seems that it would be logical if Google allowed you to edit all queries, not just those who choose Google Assistant. In the end, there is no guarantee that the assistant he guess that he does not properly recognize the user’s question, and he will offer to correct it. But here everything is logical. Most likely, the developers of the search giant purposefully established such a restriction to prevent users to confuse the voice assistant, because all edits made to a query sent to the Google server and used for all subsequent dialogs.

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And in case Google Assistant will understand something incorrectly and give the wrong answer, Google has a special team of expert linguists who listen to everything that users say, and noting the mismatch between question and response assistant, independently make the necessary changes to the model answers. It is much more useful from the point of view of the effectiveness of training Assistant Google the right to communicate with users. And built into its interface, the edit button is just an auxiliary tool, the use of which will not drastically change the work of an assistant.

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