Google has taught artificial intelligence to predict the death of

Team Medical Brain, which is a subsidiary of Google, was able to teach artificial intelligence to predict the death of patients, course of disease and chances of recovery up to 95%. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to representatives of the company.

How does artificial intelligence

The forecast is based on thousands of different factors that the laboratory of the mind is able to draw from the patient’s records and medical history. When deciding take into account not only test results but also the patient’s age, gender, and migrated before the disease.

But death and probability of remission, AI from Medical Brain is able to predict the likelihood of re-admission of patient to hospital within the next 30 days. This will allow you not to rush to discharge the patient, if necessary, prolonging his hospitalization.

How effective is it?

According to representatives of Google, their artificial intelligence system running at about 10% more efficient than traditional methods of forecasting. This was achieved by recording in the database the AI information about more than 200 thousand patients with various ailments.

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