Google has simplified the control data in the Google Assistant for Android

The problem of unauthorized collection of Google user data is largely far-fetched. Despite the fact that the search giant really accumulate the widest range of information about us and our actions, in account settings you can limit the fee for all services without exception. However, you need to make quite a difficult way to understand a huge number of settings, but still do everything as delicately, so you don’t accidentally disable some of the add-ons. But now it will be much easier. At least with Google Assistant.

Google introduced an updated version of the Google Assistant, which is already distributed to users of devices running Android. It includes an advanced settings menu with access to all the data that it collects voice assistant, and an explanation of why he needs this information. Thus Google is trying to indicate to the user that all of its actions in relation to their data completely transparent.

How to prevent Google from Assistant to collect data

  • To check what data Google collects about you Assistant at the moment, call it with the command “OK, Google”;
  • Open Assistant Google full screen and start the shortcut menu.
  • Go to settings profile and you will see a new tab called Your data in the Assistant.

The transition to this tab will open you access to your order history and list of actions in which Google collects your data Assistant with the ability to set limits, and, most importantly, explaining why he does it. Right here you may forbid aid to save your voice or, say, to remove those that have been saved on the Google servers earlier. Here you will learn what services and apps have access to your voice and how they use them.

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