Google has removed the feature “save in Inbox” of the application in the Android

قوقل أزالت ميزة "حفظ في Inbox" من التطبيق في أندرويد

Although the application of Inbox by Gmail was always a place to test the major e-mail client in Google, however, many users prefer him now, in another theme of the pity already seeing the removal of some Options feature postponement in the app previously, but now it seems that there is another option has been removed actually is the option to participate “save in Inbox”.

This change has been app of on Android, has the right of it on the Web by removing the added “Inbox Chrome”, turn back this change for the first time by a few days from now, forcing many users to complain that the water is no longer available when you share the link of on Android, according to one of the googlers who published a response to the complaint in the help Forum, “this new change workflow”.

Now when you click the Inbox folder in the share menu Android, you are taken directly to an e-mail message containing the link ready to send, you can still send it to yourself then add them to the list of “Saved”, and if you by read the cooldown manually, and then moved to the Inbox, then the Save button floating there, but pressing it again takes you to an e-mail message contains a link that has been imported.

Finally, it is unclear why the removal of Google for this feature you might think that the job is not very common, or they raise some of the users in the current time.

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