Google has released the Podcasts app. And if you haven’t yet listen to podcasts, it’s time to start

Google has pleased fans of the podcast, releasing a new Podcasts app that is already available for download in Google Play. I had a little bit waste and is ready to share impressions.

Google recently added the ability to listen to podcasts directly from your search application or Google Assistant for smartphone. In the results, a list of recent releases and forthcoming, hence one of them has a podcasts section. There you can select the episode to download it for offline listening or play via the built-in player. In fact, Google Podcasts is the outer shell of this functionality.

The app is simple and will be useful to those who are just starting to listen to podcasts. On the main page you will see the channels that signed the tab For You (remember Google I/O 2018 and the announcement of a similar tab for Google Maps?), see the fresh editions of the podcast episode you are listening to, and the list of downloaded podcasts as well as several categories of podcast channels that you can subscribe. In the settings, yet you can only choose how many days podcasts are automatically deleted from the device. And the built-in player allows you to rewind and also speed up/slow down playback (from 0.5 x to 2.0 x).

According to representatives of Google, the service has indexed more than 2 million podcasts, therefore, it is likely that your favorite podcast now available for listening through the new app. By the way, Google has released recommendations for podcasters how to optimize their channels, so they quickly appeared in Podcasts. It is also worth noting that as you add podcasts, the AI will offer you recommendations based on your preferences. The service itself is absolutely free, you do not need a subscription to Google Play Music or any other service.

In addition, the service supports synchronization with other user devices via the Google Assistant. And it’s very cool! I have included a podcast on your smartphone, paused, then turned to his column mini Home Google: “Hey Google, play my last podcast” and it continued playing from where I stopped. Very convenient. I also like the fact that Google can Podcasts to listen to offline issues even with those platforms which do not support (e.g., SoundCloud).

Thus, Google made a very handy tool for listening to podcasts. Of the advantages worth noting quite a large indexed directory of podcasts, personalization recommendations, sinhronizaciju with other devices. Of the minuses – there is no possibility to automatically download podcasts from your subscriptions, also there is no system of rating or reviews.

Of course, at this stage, Podcasts, Google loses in terms of functionality applications such as Pocket Casts or Castbox. But if you are a beginner in the world of podcasts, I advise you to pay attention to Google Podcasts.

The Podcasts app is available for Android smartphones. You can upload in Google Play.

Write as you Google Podcasts? Apps to listen to podcasts you use and change them for an alternative from Google? As well as advise in the comments interesting podcast channels!

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