Google has released the Android app Lookout. Whom is it useful?

Passion Google artificial intelligence regularly has its rewards. Thanks to him the company managed to teach branded smartphones to do portrait shots to wide angle, to light up footage in pitch darkness, and even to identify all the objects they see in front of you up to 100%. However, the latter function is not a regular feature on Google Pixel, and is available as a standalone app called Google Lookout.

Lookout is an application which is intended to facilitate people with visual impairments and orientation in space and perception of the world. Thanks to the support of artificial intelligence Lookout records the objects of the material world that fall in the lens of the smartphone’s camera, analyzes them and talks about their characteristics, properties and appearance.

New app Google

Google has introduced a Lookout in the last year, but decided to release it only now. All this time, the company modified the application, trying to bring the level of recognition to perfection.

It is assumed that the Lookout will be kept in a state of activity, analyzing the material objects that would fall into the field of view of the users, if they hadn’t suffered from its violation. Therefore, Google recommends that you carry a smartphone running the app either on the neck in a pouch with suspension either in the front pocket of a shirt or t-shirt so that the camera lens was not blocked by a particle of matter.

At the moment to evaluate Lookout can only smartphone users line Google Pixel residing on the territory of the United States. Obviously, Google chose to first protectorate app on a small audience before sending it to sail. However, given the low level of distribution of Pixel devices, as well as the presence among their respective owners of people with visual impairments, we can say that Google has lost not too much.

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App: Lookout
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 75 people

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