Google has released an updated version of the fitness app Google Fit

Developers Google introduced an updated version of a proprietary fitness app called Google Fit, introducing it support for several long-awaited features. The corresponding statement appeared in the official microblog search giant. Innovations integrated in the updated version of Google Fit, facilitate the process of using the application on the smartphone as well as extend the functionality of smart watches running Wear OS.

The main innovation of Google Fit is the support of breathing exercises. This feature is already available to owners of Apple Watch and Fitbit wristbands finally got to Wear OS. Thanks to it, users with compatible hours following the application instructions on proper breathing, can calm the nerves raised, to restore respiratory rhythms after Jogging or just relaxing after a hard day or strenuous exercise.

The benefits of breathing exercises

Scientists have proved that human needs for oxygen are satisfied only with proper breathing. This rule is equally true for people engaged in physical and intellectual work. If people do not consciously regulate your breathing, be it the janitor, who spends in the air all day, or employee of a call center, sitting for hours in one position in the office, and he and the other exposed to risks of stagnation in the supply of the brain and muscles of oxygen-rich blood.

Another feature introduced in Google Fit, was widget for Android. It allows you directly from the desktop of the smartphone to monitor your progress without having to navigate to the app. With its help, for example, you can track the number of steps taken, calories burned and the distance you pass over a certain period of time.

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App: Google Fit – health and fitness tracker

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Health & fitness
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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