Google has promised to build in Android third-party applications

Following the requirements of the European antitrust authorities, the company Google intends to add to Android the ability to select third-party browser and search engine. The corresponding statement was made by official representatives of the company. To do this, the search giant is planning to conduct a survey of public opinion, to participation in which will involve existing and new users of the operating system, so as to achieve maximum objectivity.

In July, the European Commission fined Google for $ 5 billion, recognizing her guilty of creating a monopoly. The reason was the enforcement actions that the company has made against the manufacturers of mobile technology, effectively forcing them to preinstall on their devices branded Google applications and services. In case of failure, the search giant threatened to ban the use of Google Play.

Browser for Android

“From now on, we plan to devote special attention to informing Android users of the existence on the market of a wide range of web browsers and search engines that can be freely installed on their smartphone Google said in a statement. – Our new initiative involves the organization of the survey of users of Android-devices from Europe that will determine what browser and which search engine they would like to use.”

Since the European Commission’s decision on the Google case applies only to countries belonging to the European Union, and the right to an alternative browser and the search engine will receive only their residents. For users from Russia and other countries, obviously, no changes are expected. In any case, as long as the Russian court does not find Google guilty of organizing a monopoly and hindering the development of competition in the market of mobile applications and services.

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