Google has postponed the release of one of the innovations Android Q

One of the innovations Android Q was supposed to be a function Scoped Storage. She created individual disk space for each application separately, allowing them to use the available memory without affecting the departments that belong to another. Thus it was planned to isolate one program from another, excluding the cases of cross-collecting sensitive information and thus simplifying the system of permits. But at the last moment something went wrong.

According to the official Google blog, the company decided to postpone the implementation of Scoped Storage to give independent developers more time to adapt their apps for the specifics of the innovation.

Security Android

“We thought that Scoped Storage will have minimal impact on the operation of the applications — say in Google. – Nevertheless, we know that the implementation of Scoped Storage may require assessment of its impact on some applications, with subsequent amendments [in their structural composition]. As developers, we understand that this will take more time.”

The main problem Scoped Storage, preventing its timely implementation was the risk of breaking applications that do not support innovation. Despite the fact that Google has implemented the so-called compatibility mode, which protects third-party programs from breaking, it is deactivated every time the user reinstalls them, exposing themselves to danger, and the developer is at risk of discredit.

A primer on Android R

Therefore, the transition turned out painless and safe, Google has decided to allow developers to adapt their apps for the new API gradually. The entire transition, according to estimates by representatives of the search giant, should take about a year, and then release the function Scoped Storage is not expected for Android R.

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