Google has offered a reliable method of increasing the autonomy of Android smartphones

Use a dark color scheme of interface design can significantly reduce the power consumption of any Android-smartphone. However, as it turned out, the night effective regardless of the characteristics of the device. This publication reports SlashGear, with reference to official representatives of Google, confirmed the version about the use of dimmable interface for the autonomy of mobile devices during the conference, Android developers Dev.

According to the graph below of the power screen depending on the color that it shows negative total on the autonomy of smartphones is reflected white, blue, green and red colors. But to allow display of black and close to it the dark shades requires four times less resources. And despite the fact that in this case we are talking about IPS screens, not AMOLED, which just cut off the pixels in the black areas.

Why use night theme

To assess the positive impact of night themes on the example of YouTube. If in normal mode at half brightness application sharing consumes 93 mA, when you activate dark mode — less than 14%, and the absolute brightness of the gap reaches 60%. Roughly comparable way behaves most applications, increasing or decreasing the power depending on the color of the interface design.

For all the benefits of nightly themes Google itself, which is weird, not too much of a hurry to introduce it into all their apps and services for mobile devices. In any case, most programs search giant available for Android, still offer the possibility to darken the interface and start to protect not only the eyes of users, but the battery life of their smartphones.

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