Google has introduced a useful feature for Google Play. What?

In Google Play under installed apps there is a new tab showing the degree of filling of the available space on the disk. This drew the attention of journalists AndroidPolice. The new section allows you to quickly jump to the list of installed and delete unnecessary to establish what is more important at this moment. Innovation extends gradually, and therefore may only be available to certain categories of users.

Despite the brevity of the tab, it shows the percentage of occupied space, expressing the remaining space in gigabytes for the most effective perception. Her appearance will greatly simplify the process of installing new applications in low-volume built-in store. Now if there is insufficient memory, the user can always go to the list of installed programs directly from Google Play and uninstall those that aren’t used at all, or uses, but so rarely that their removal will go unnoticed.

Update On Google Play

At the time of publication, the innovation is mainly available only to owners of smartphones Google Pixel. If you believe the users who have it have already appeared, Google has implemented it in the December security update, which came just a few days ago. However, it is possible that the appearance of the tabs resulted from the changes in the company’s servers regardless of the setting current build of the operating system update.

Recently Google is actively working on improving Google Play. Corporate application catalog search giant has received a number of front-end reformsthat made it more convenient to use, as well as advanced system protection from malware — Google Play Protect. In the current iteration built-in antivirus detects malicious even outside Google Play, shielding the user from the select or enter personal data on sites where there is a threat of key-logging.

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