Google has included an ad-blocker in Chrome

Built-in ad-blocking, whose appearance was announced last year, got to Google Chrome. Now the web browser regardless of the software platform will prevent the demonstration of the ads is not recommended to show the coalition is Better Ads, which is Google itself.

In contrast extension for Chrome that hides all ads, built-in blocker will work on the principle of filter, blocking only the most annoying ads. To find out which types of ads are causing the most negative, Google conducted a survey among the 40 000 users worldwide.

Analysis of public opinion showed that most users do not like banners which cover content, ads that appear on the page before the content download, and animated ads and ads with sound. However, expect that now the Internet will get rid of poor quality ads, not worth it.

The official position of Google is to teach the owners of websites to show just the right ads. Therefore, initially, Chrome will collect information about the types of ads published on different resources, send them a letter with recommendations for improvement of advertising and only in the event of failure is to block.

Application: Google Chrome: fast browser

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 470 people

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