Google has found a approach to ARKit

Google at the conference Google I/O showed a demo of a multiplayer game with support for augmented reality that unites the users of iOS and Android. Thanks to the underlying cloud platform Cloud Anchors compatible with ARKit and ARCore, opening up massive opportunities for interaction.

The game itself, a concept reminiscent of “battleship,” isn’t as valuable as cloud technology Cloud Anchors. It provides data synchronization between devices, even if they run on different mobile platforms. Connecting to the cloud via mobile Internet, Cloud Anchors creates a system of virtual anchors. “Clinging” to them, and iOS and Android devices have access to the same graphics information.

Anchors Cloud platform allows multiple devices to generate a shared picture of the world, which is synchronized between them and allows for their users to interact with each other, says Nathan Martz, Manager of Google product. This in turn eliminates the gap between operating systems, integrating them at the level of high technology.

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